As avid gamers ourselves, we've often paid for digital assets and DLC or spent hundreds of hours acquiring special in-game items, only to find them locked away in the closed economies of traditional game publishers, with no way to swap or trade them with others.

It doesn't need to be this way.

We're doing things differently.

We call it 'Web3 enhanced' gaming.


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By using new technologies such as blockchain, we create games that are a fairer and more fun experience for gamers, where their time, earned rewards and acquired assets are freely available for them to do with as they wish.

With the Early Access version of Oni's Quest, you will already have the choice to use the Genesis Hero digital collectibles for in-game benefits, but our vision goes beyond just that.

Here are some of our ideas about how Web3 could be used to benefit anyone who plays Oni's Quest in future.

Oni's Quest loot chest rewards
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Simply by playing and completing challenges, you could earn YOH, the in-game currency which would be used to purchase tiered loot chests containing new 'Loadout' digital collectibles and resources to enhance your gameplay experience.

Whatever items you unlock from a chest would be yours to keep forever once 'minted' onto the blockchain.

Oni's Quest Digital Collectibles
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Each hero class has its own unique stats and starting deck cards, but by acquiring 'Loadout' digital collectibles from Loot Chests or by trading with other players, you could stack the odds in your favor. These could include: 

  • Armor
  • Weapons
  • Charms
  • Companions

Loadout collectibles would vary in rarity and power, giving your hero in-game benefits such as:

  • Boosting your hero's stats
  • Adding unique attack cards to your starting deck
  • Special passive abilities called 'Blessings'
Crafting Oni's Quest loadout gear
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Outgrown your current Loadout collectibles? There's no point letting them go to waste or gather dust! If you don't want to trade with other players, then Crafting would allow you to create rarer, more powerful items that will help you survive even the toughest challenges and game modes.

And just like all the other rewards in Oni’s Quest - anything you craft will be yours to keep or to trade with other players.

Similarly, other players might be crafting or farming the items that you need. You can acquire them from a decentralised, open market on the blockchain.

Oni's Quest hero levelling up
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Each time you beat Oni's Quest, the hero you use could then ascend to a higher rank.

Each new rank could bring new rewards such as the chance of better starting stats, new Blessings and special powers to supplement your starting deck of cards.

By utilizing Web3 technology, your digital collectible hero's progress would be saved to the blockchain. Should you therefore ever wish to trade it with other players then this progress can be transferred to its new owner too. Similarly, you might want also want to acquire a hero that others have spent the time levelling, in order to give access to powerful extra buffs and abilities.

Oni's Quest VOID! mode
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With more potential ways to play Oni's Quest in future, VOID! Mode would introduce new Void energy game mechanics to master, increased difficulty and a whole new army of Yōkai-inspired enemies to challenge you.

But unlike traditional DLC type content, simply owning one of the freely-tradeable Genesis Hero digital collectibles could automatically give you access to this mode for FREE.

Cross IP partnerships
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The beauty of building with decentralized Web3 technologies is that your Genesis Hero digital collectibles could give you access to benefits outside of just Oni's Quest. Think of them as a transferable VIP pass to special content or events.

The possibilities are endless, but in terms of gaming one example could include collaborations with other Web3 game publishers, allowing you to use your digital collectibles in their games as well.


If Web3 or blockchain isn't for you, that's totally fine too. We've carefully designed Oni's Quest, so that if you don't want to use these technologies you can play just like you always have with other 'old school' games.

But if you change your mind later, that works too.